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#24 - Comment on Posts, Latest Stuff - 20100309

You can now comment on your favorite or most hated posts! Simply click on the post link or the underlined #number before the post (yes, that's actually a clickable link, and not just design) to access the comment form and the comments on post.

I've also added a few panels on the main page that features the latest post, comment, and guestbook entry. Clicking on these panels would direct you to the said post, comment, or guestbook.

You can now access the post by clicking the post itself. Your mouse cursor should change into a pointer and the text should become blue. Fire the button when commenting is desired.


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#23 - Submission Page Update - 20100221

Changed how the submission page looks to accommodate a future update. Also added a comment input for posts which would appear after the post itself. Use this to explain your quote/joke, why it's funny, build up, clarification, etc. Of course, it's entirely optional, and you may leave this blank.

Oh, and while I've added the ability for you to submit jokes, there's no way to view them right now. Stay tuned.


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